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Who Is Daphne'Style?



I'm Daphne, nice to meet you :)

I am a Fashion Stylist and Jewelry designer, born and raised in Israel, but currently live in Old Tappan, NJ.

Clothes and jewelry have always been my passion since childhood...

At 2010 I completed Shenkar College Fashion Styling course, and since then I’ve been working as a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant. ​As part of my personal styling offering, I always looked for interesting, colorful accessories with a presence to affect the whole look. My passion for hand crafting, and the need to provide my clients with unique accessories to add a personal touch to their style, got me back to and old hobby of mine – jewelry design.  


The accessories I design include different styles, so anyone could find something to her liking. I usually make one or two items of each design, so that anyone who wears my jewelry knows they are special and have a piece that nobody else has.


All my jewelry are handmade, lovingly crafted, using only high quality materials from over the world.

You are invited to page through my collection and fall in love …♥


Click here to learn more about me

Daphne Maor Belsky, Jewelry Designer & Fashion Stylist, owner of Daphne'Style
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