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Fashion Styling


Having Certified Personal Stylist training from Shenkar College in Israel, ten years of personal styling experience with over 500 women, I’m well equipped to help you discover and make the most of your own personal style. Open and honest, I will work with you one on one to discover your own personal style, your body type and your fashion needs that match your lifestyle.


I offer the following styling services:

Closet Consultation

The first step is going over your wardrobe and evaluate what you currently have - clothes, shoes, accessories. Together we will decide what to keep (pieces you love and flatters you), what needs alterations, what to donate or consign (pieces which no longer serve you) and what to add to your personalized shopping list to fill in the gaps. 

During this process we will discover what works best for your body type, which colors make you look glowing and how to add accessories to give every outfit that extra shot of polish.

I will help you see, with "new eyes", the possibilities that exist within your current wardrobe and how to create outfits and looks that reflect you. We will put together a wardrobe that shows off your assets, hides your flaws and helps you feel comfortable and confident in every situation... I will show you how to style outfit combinations and accessorize with ease and fun.  We will photograph pictures of each new outfit so you can remember what to wear and how to wear it.


My final aim is to make you feel confident, look your best and give you motivation, knowledge, and power to be able to put together an outfit on your own.

(3 hours minimum)

Shopping Session


Once our vision, goals and shopping list are set, I will take you to your favorite stores, as well as stores I thinks will suit your style, taking budget considerations into account.  Whether you’re more comfortable in department stores, independent boutiques or showrooms, I will guide you through the process, help you to look for the right choices for you and stay away from items that might cause you to look like a "fashion victim". My purpose is to give you the knowledge and confidence to shop effortlessly by making informed purchases and not buying things that are only going to sit unworn at the back of your closet.


It is also possible to go on a Shopping Session without Closet Consultation before, though it is less recommended.

(2 hours minimum)

No budget for shopping? Let's go closet shopping!

We will have fun playing in your closet. Using your current wardrobe, I will show you new possibilities and teach you how to mix and match outfits and create more potential with what you already own. We will put together combinations you haven’t thought of before and bring new life to your wardrobe without having to go shopping! We will take photos of the outfit combinations which you will have for future reference. Be it a work function, weekend away, date night, wedding and much more –outfits from what you have, will make you look polished to perfection.

(3 hours minimum)

Seasonal Update

In order to keep your capsule wardrobe up to date, and based on our first closet consultation, we’ll go shopping
on a seasonal basis. I’ll show you how to update your wardrobe with a few key pieces, introducing the latest trends and give suggestions on what will work best with your style profile and the wardrobe you have at home.

(2 hours minimum)

Special Events

Need help finding the perfect outfit for a holiday party, special trip, 

wedding, conference, or black tie event? Together we’ll find the

perfect outfit that is appropriate for the event, flatters your shape

and brings out your personal style!

(2 hours minimum)

All services are offered in Bergen County area, New Jersey & New York City.

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