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Jewelry Care & Wear

Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: Our warranty policy covers all of the jewelry purchased from Daphne'Style, for 6 months from the date of purchase. This warranty covers all manufacturer defects in material or workmanship but does not cover neglect and abuse or natural wear and tear.

Warranty exceptions and exclusions:

  • Any damage to jewelry caused by neglect, abuse or natural wear and tear. Damage, such as being hit or knocked, is easily detectable under magnification.

  • Any jewelry that has been repaired by another jeweler. We cannot be held responsible for merchandise that has been worked on by another jeweler. 

  • The loss or damage of a center stone.

If you need to return merchandise due to defects, please contact us here. Once received, we will carefully examine the defected merchandise and determine if the above criteria is met. Once approved, we will ship out your replacement item at no additional charge as soon as we can.

Daphne'Style reserves the right to reject any returns that do not comply with the instructions stated below.


Q: What are the instructions of care and wear? Any special warnings?

A: Yes:

Please take care of your beautiful handcrafted pieces. Treat them with care and they will last for years.

Wearing your jewels

  • Our pieces are delicate and not made to be worn during sports and activities such as cleaning and gardening. Keep away from water, chlorinated pools, and hot tubs.

  • Be sure to remove your pieces before sleeping and when applying cosmetics, perfumes, sprays, creams, and oils. Contact with these materials will cause bead paint to dissolve and stain or cause coatings to flake.

  • Be careful not to drop any items, they may contain fragile beads.


Storing your jewels

  • The jewelry items should be stored in a dry, cool place, not the bathroom. Leather necklaces should be stored hanging, to prevent kinking of the thong.

  • We recommend storing each of your jewels separate to avoid scratches. Place your pieces in a pouch or an air tight plastic bag (to prevent oxidization and tarnishing). To avoid tangling your necklaces and bracelets, close the plastic bag over the end of the chain and let the end dangle out slightly.

  • Keep away from babies, toddlers, and young kids.

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